In Tabagan even the most exacting and versed rest-lover will find amusement to his own liking. By your request sport and entertainment activities will be organized, corporate holidays, team-buildings. Camping trips for the whole family, walking-tours and horse-ridings and the rest for extremals and other.

Summer Riding on the “Grassy” Hill

Few people may be surprised by the hill riding. But its still possible to surprise… by riding “the grassy” hill. The so-called attraction “toboggan” – sledging down the hill be railing, put in the special gutter. Such amusement is very popular with children of any age. The local hill is exclusive, there is no other such a hill in the country. The attraction is safe, the hill is assembled by specialists from South Korea. We guarantee to your children adrenalin, positive emotions, lots of impressions and safety. Sledges may be taken in the hire point. Be the way, even adults ride the hill. Try to ride, feel the spirit of extreme, return to childhood!

Horse Riding

Are you a philosopher by nature? Are you dreaming of the full unity with the nature? Then you certainly need to try horse riding by surroundings. You may take a little trip under the direction of the instructor. You will be surrounded by picturesque landscapes, we guarantee you wonderful mood and positive energy of this places will follow you all the way long.

Mountain Skiing

Mountain ski routes Tabagan are just created for beginners and professional sportsmen. The total length of the routes makes 37,000 meters (37 km). If you never ski – then it’s the time to learn. Mountain ski instructor will help you with the equipment and will train you to correctly ski. In the hire point there are enough skis. Besides that, there are routes for professionals, coryphaeus of the mountain skiing.

The Tabagn resort climate is exclusive for the rest on skis – the winter is soft here, however, snowfalls are strong. The mountain ski season lasts from the middle of December till the middle of April. The artificial snow forming allows to prolong the mountain ski season minimum for 2 months and considerably improve the existing routes.

There is a two-seat cable-way and two rope tows. By the way, during the movement by the cable-way you can see a wonderful view of surroundings and Zailisky Alatau. Don’t miss such an enthralling sight!


Do you like the extremal snowboarding? Then you shall go here. Local routes are built in such a way that snowboarders may contest, improved technique and simply ride for their pleasure. Cup Competition of the Federation of Snowboard and Extremal Sports of Almaty was first hold here. Also there is a hire point, where there are 30 snowboards of various complexity and configuration.

Snowmobile Riding

If you decided to rest from skis and snowboard, it is time to try snowmobile riding. This pleasure is designated both for experienced extremals and for beginners. You will be provided a route and a professional instructor will show simple methods of the snowmobile driving. Also there are snowmobiles for children.            

Night Riding

Surprises in Tabagan wait all around. Here you can have active rest not only all the year round, but also round the clock. One of the unique possibilities of Tabagan is the night musical and light show on the slope and night skiing. It becomes light because of the laser show, so that you can ride without a problem. And it takes your breath away! Let’s imagine how you dashingly fly on skis by the hill with bright colors. At the same time the air sparkles with the universal exultation and you are filled with new feelings!

Quadrocycle Riding

In the warm seasons you may ride quadrocycles. You may fearlessly take the extremal mini-trip by surroundings and take with you lovers, friends or colleagues. If you never treated such machines then our experienced instructor will help you how and what to do. By the way, in 4 km from Tabagan км. от «Табагана» in Butakovka the Shybynsai complex for extremals is situated. You may simply go there by quadrocycle. You are not mistaken, from Tabagan it is no distance to Butakovka, two passes and you are already there. The trip on quadrocycles in mountains is an undescribable pleasure. Its is better once to try than hundred times to hear.

Mountain Bike Riding

Are you the extremal, who can not live without a bicycle or a family man, loving to travel by bike? In Tabagan do not miss your chance to try local paths and ride there on your bike.

Paraglider Flight

Many of us in childhood dreamt to fly. In Tabagan you have the chance to fly in reality with с the paraglider. The place is marvelous here, slopes are gentle, conditions for the flight are ideal. The local instructor will teach you simple paragliding skills. You may also hire equipment and all the necessary.

Open Air Picnics

In the warm seasons the Tabagan surroundings suggest wonderful opportunities for various picnics. Our restaurants with pleasure will organize for you traveling picnics, select the menu to your taste. By your wish, you may take with you badminton, balls for children games in the open air.


One of the popular amusements of the modern man is paintball. Though women also join men. In Tabagan the special range is equipped for such serious games. There three types of camouflage: “sandy”, “forest” and “NATO”. There are several types of gun: submachine gun Kalashnikov, М16 and other. Besides that, there are flak jackets. In general, the full unioform except for the shoos, they shall be your own. You can come here with united team, divide into groups and shoot for your pleasure. There is also a possibility to go somewhere out of the range and play there a war. The game may last from an hour to three or more, depending on how long we win the enemy and exhaust your martial potential.


This game is like the paintball, but instead of bullets with paint here plastic bullets are used. The game is rather dangerous for the first sight, but the special equipment and helmets will protect you from bruises and injuries.


Not far from the range for the paintball and strikeball a stadium is built with two fields for a mini-football. The dimensions are standard European 20Х40 m, the cover is artificial. The football lovers will appreciate the field opportunities and will be satisfied with the conditions and the game.

Team-building: Corporate Arrangements Conduction

If you don’t know how to organize the corporate rest, if your collective visited all the popular places of rest in Almaty, come to Tabagan! For your rest we will organize a bus, which brought you in the morning from Almaty and in the end of day will take you back. By your wish it is possible to make plan of the rest for your company, so that each employee participate in the sports and entertaining arrangement. Here anyone will be filled with the spirit of your team through the games in the open air, informal communication and extremal sports. Tabagan is a territory of good mood for everyone who visited this place. Your colleagues will remember for a long time exciting adventures.

Trainings and Conferences Conducting

In Tabagan you may combine pleasant and useful things. In the specially equipped hall there is everything necessary for conducting conferences, trainings and forums and also for access to Internet. The second floor of the Tabalandiya restaurant may be used as the other conference-hall. A cozy compact hall will create a unique working atmosphere.

Plans, Perspectives

The Tabagan complex has big perspectives and opportunities to become the most popular place of rest and entertainment for Almaty citizens as well as for foreign tourists. It is planned to extend the complex territory, increase the length of the cable-way, build tennis court and many other.