Here your head is spinning because of crystal air, you are dazzled because of the surrounding beauty and the heart starts beating more often because of the exciting adventures. In this place everyone will find the rest to his liking. Here you may come every year all the year round. Landscape conditions and goof weather allow it. You shall come here and admire the surrounding beauty…In winter – snow-white sparkling covering. In spring – many-colored carpet from motley and flowers. In summer – bright green and bee buzzing. In autumn – golden trees, red apples and leaves falling in the wind. Adventures and entertainments wait you all around. Be ready to receive impulse of vivacity, energy and good mood!

Family Paradise

Tabagan is an ideal place for the whole family rest. If your children are sprightly rowdies then you will not feel sorry that you chose this family paradise. By your wish you will be provided with nurse, who will look after your children all the time while you are here. Your kids will be delighted by local entertainments, skiing and sledging, swimming-pool, games in the open air. In restaurants there are specially worked out menus for children in order your kid have the best food. Our professional instructors and trainers will train your children to ski. You shall not worry of the safety as life-savers and physicians work in the complex and they are always ready to help.

Eden for Lovers

Tabagan is a paradise for lovers. Here you can forget everything in the world and together with your beloved person travel through the local amenities and have an active rest. And it is even better to just to retire and walk arm-in-arm in the apple gardens or by surroundings. People very often come here to spend mini honey-moon. Dinner with candles, golden sunset, gentle-pink sunrise – romantics never become bored here.

Rest with Friends

Tabagan is not only a place for the rest with family, here you can also have fantastic rest and fun with friends. Merry parties, dances till the morning, mass hills riding, extremal contests – everything this may be organized in Tabagan. Good mood, adrenalin, unforgettable impressions, pleasant entertainments and adventures taking your breath away – everything this will be presented to you by our complex.

We work for you

The complex is managed by company Contact-Tour.

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Алматинская область, Талгарский район,

Производственный кооператив “Бескайнар”

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