Far from the city fuss, surrounded by the noble mountains, the ski resort, sport and entertainment complex Tabagan is situated. This is a unique place, which does not have analogues in Kazakhstan.

Tabagan is situated in the territory of Talgar region of Almatinskaya oblast, near Ile-Alatausky state national wildlife preservation. The distance from Almaty border – 17 km. Area – 55 hectare. The upper point of the slope is 1650 m above sea level.

Complex Tabagan is divided into two terraces: upper and lower, which are joined by the wide asphalted road. For the guests’ convenience two stairways are put between terraces. Tabagan provides a high service level a wide range of services. The complex contains a souvenir shop, where you can buy a little “Tabaganchik”. It is a kind, orange creature, a guardian of this place and an invisible master of the resort.