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Ryabonovaya (hotel)

Village Ryabonovaya includes a three-storeyed hotel with rooms for one and for two, and Tatami. The hotel’s service level may rank four-star hotel. The bed linen is changed in rooms, and rooms are cleaned every day, everything necessary is available. In the first floor 19 comfortable rooms are situated: 9 rooms for two and 1 room for one without a balcony. In the second floor 12 rooms for two are situated and 1 room for two with balconies. In the third floor 12 rooms for two and q room for one are situated. The design is the Eastern style. In rooms there are double bed tatami. From the balcony you can see the wonderful view of mountains. 2 phyto saunas, large and small, are situated in the hotel. Both of them work by principle of Finn sauna. Water tanks in saunas are made of the natural oak. This positively influence an organism, rejuvenates a body. Also thee is a small conference-hall in the hotel, it is convenient to conduct various forums, trainings, seminars there.

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