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Villages – cottages

When you are here it seems you are back to childhood. Just listen to names of these cottages – mini-villages: berezovaya (birch), yelovays (firry), sirenevaya (lilac), klenovaya (maple), sosnovaya (pine-tree) … It smells of apple and honey, resinous pine-tree, forest, freshness and spring. It reminds you lines from Yesenin. Is you come here once you will return not once. It is interesting that in building cottages natural wood of various sorts was used, which influences on your organism very good. Be the way, trees are planted here in accordance with the names of villages. For example, near village Sosnovaya only pine-trees grow. All the rooms in cottages are equipped with lavatory, shower, telephone with access to Almaty and satellite TV. Rooms have central heating, hot and cold water, special climate-cotrol is maintained. The peculiarity of living in Tabagan I such that there is no a special time for settlement like in other hotels. If you wish it is possible to organize additional places in rooms both for children and adults. All the cottages have Room Service. The cost of living in the hotel also included a hot nutritious breakfast.

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