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Restaurant Tabakerka (snuff-box) is situated at the lower terrace of Tabagan and is designed for 80 places, there is a summer ground for 150 places. The restaurant menu is includes Mexican and national Kazakh cuisine. The restaurant design is in the country style. Only natural materials were used in building: wood and stone, at that thy are local, which creates a special colouring in Tabakerka. The cozy décor, pleasant quiet music will not leave you indifferent. The Tabakerka peculiarity is that in the hall center a big round fireplace is situated. Its is constructed in such a way that you may seat near the fire with your beloved or friends. Besides that, here are separate cabins and the area for performance. Near the restaurant pavilions are situated, where you may also try tasty dishes from Tabakerka. The local shashlik is just wonderful!

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